Photography by Inez Baturo
Price 38€
Text by Naomi Rosenblum
Format 288 x 275 mm, 120 pages, 110 photos, hard cover
Limited edition

“Inez Baturo takes photos to give testimony and to let the others get to known the world through “her landscape”, which is often more or less dissolving, graded, delicate and emerging from fairy atmosphere, showing, in a magic way, the state of her soul.”

~Franco Fontana, artist photographer (Italy)


“The pictures by Inez Baturo tell us not of the world we are living in, but merely of a world we would like to live in. The images are passionate, and at the same time ageless. Many of them are simple, clean, pure like a Japanese poem, a Haiku. The artist is a traditionalist who lets herself be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Polish mountains. She strips her pictures from colors, she creates depth of the vision by using mountains, trees and a strong light that often is monochromatic. The artist`s sense of beauty is profound and the viewer can feel her exaltation as she lifts her camera to her eye.”

~Stefan Bremer, artist photographer (Finland)


Inez invites us to visit her world. She finds Light where earth touches the sky. The magic of her visual paths turns Light to something unusual, while space is infinite.  A walk with her …”

~José Luis Raota, artist photographer (Argentina)

“These photos evoke a sense of a deep connection with the natural world. Inez has been able to capture the mystery and wonder of this world we all share and make us feel connected to it. Her sense of light and space brings these photos to life and makes me want to experience them myself.”

~Ami Vitale, artist photographer (USA)


“Looking at Inez Baturo‘s photographs one feels peace and harmony. On the road from landscape to fine art images we are led by sensitivity of Inez, who gives us reliable guidance. The landscape found it‘s match in the photographer who‘s soul is reflected in her work. Looking at the pictures we are daydreaming with her. Her images confirm that instead of questioning theoretically what photography is about nowadays, we should trust the photographs themselves. So let us give ourselves the joy of looking at the Fine Art Landscapes by Inez Baturo.”

~Peter Korniss, artist photographer (Hungary)